Care Guide

Hazard Warning

Some of our products are made using lead. Please keep direct handling of the lead edges to a minimum. None of our products are toys, so please keep away from children. 

All solder and lead is sealed and polished with wax.


Reclaimed Materials

Most of our products are made from reclaimed mirrors and recycled frames and wood. As a result of this, there may be some slight marks or scuffs on the product, but we aim to select pieces which add character and don't impair the quality of the piece.


Mirror polishing

General handling: In the case of items with a lead edge, please handle with extra care as the edges can be quite soft and a knock could harm the overall appearance. Take extra care when handling glass and mirrors.

According to the House & Home website, the optimum way to clean mirror surfaces is with a little bit of warm water and a microfibre cloth, moving in even, circular motions to avoid smears. 

Try to avoid spraying any mirror cleaning products on the stained glass or soldered elements, as this may affect the item.


If you have any questions relating to the care of your items purchased from us, please do get in touch!